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Explore our
beautiful range of edible flowers & specialist greens
chef grown in

St Andrews, Scotland.

Edible Flowers

A colourful assortment of

edible beauties perfect for garnishing cakes, cocktails and

everything in between.

Sprinkle them on everything!

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What we grow...

Salad Mix

We grow a variety of leaves

and can create bespoke blends perfect for your menu,

brand or event. 

Step up your salad game!


A welcome addition to any dish, these young greens are full of flavour and packed with nutrients.

Eat wee greens!


The chef's curated collection

of garden and micro herbs

with a variety of uses

from savoury to sweet. 

Herb your enthusiasm! 

herbs trio in vase 2.jpg

Who we are...

Wee Flower Eater

Hi, I'm Lisa, creator of Wee Flower Eater. Thank you for visiting our website and exploring our beautiful range of edible flowers & specialist greens. 

I'm a health advocate passionate about the benefits of plant-based eating and I am continuously exploring the culinary uses of the produce we grow. 

The garden is my happy place, full of magical wee things to photograph and eat. Follow me on social media as I showcase our products and share my love for edible flowers with the world.

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Chef Grower

Meet Chris, the chef grower making it happen in our garden and kitchen.


Chris is a dedicated farmer, using organic practices that yield amazing results. He is an internationally experienced chef applying his culinary expertise to the produce we grow and sell. He works directly with chefs to grow what they need to take their dishes to the next level. 


Chris is available as a freelance chef and restaurant consultant.


Wee Flower Shop

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