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Happiness is eating flowers.

Welcome to Wee Flower Eater, where we bring the beauty of flowers to your kitchen for a truly unique culinary experience.


Our chef-grown veganic flowers and leaves are produced using only the highest quality practices, ensuring that they are healthy, vibrant and picture-perfect. 


From decorating a cake to adding a unique twist to a cocktail, our flowers can be used in countless ways. Our range of edible flowers is perfect for bakers, chefs, and mixologists who want to elevate their creations to the next level. 


Discover the magic of edible flowers today!

Edible Flower Inspiration

Our edible flowers and leaves are a fun and creative way to add a new dimension to your culinary experience. Whether you're adorning a cake with pressed edible flowers, adding petal confetti to your everyday salad or elevating your cocktails to Instagram-worthy levels with edible flower garnish, we have the perfect solution for you. Let us help you bring your creations to life with our stunning edible flowers.